Asset Tags

Never again have to ask who has the company laptop, tablet or cell phone, let us label your assets and track them for you. Our tags allow all the expensive assets your company relies on to do business to be tracked instantly saving you time and money.

Inventory Labels

Inventory labels take the guess work out of inventory management. It’s important to know each product’s quantity and location exactly when you need it. We take inventory labeling a step further and customizes them specifically for your needs.

Medical Labels

Our medical labels for wristbands and prescription labels improve patient safety. This saves medical personal time and gives patients the peace of mind knowing their safety is your top concern

Retail & POS Labels

Our retail and POS labels will make it simple for your customers to view prices on all retail inventory. Our labels will also help you to track inventory accurately in real time.

Barcode ribbons

Barcode ribbons are used in thermal transfer printers to transfer the image to the thermal transfer label with heat applied from the print head. The quality of ribbon used will make a difference in the life of your printers print head and the quality of the image printer. We offer:

  • Wax Barcode Ribbon
  • Wax-Resin Ribbon
  • Resin Barcode Ribbon