Chainway provides an extensive range of products and solutions including rugged mobile computers, handheld RFID readers, fixed RFID readers, rugged tablet, biometric scanners, RFID sled, RFID swing, vehicle computer, mobile printer, etc. to meet the needs of various industries.

Mobile Terminals

Easy and Flexible Data Entry, Remarkable Data Capture Performance. Rugged handheld computers, built with Android OS and Qualcomm Octa- Core processor, supporting a powerful removable battery, quick charge and trigger handle. With robust data collection capability and highpowered dual-band WIFI, this mobile computer can perfectly fulfill applications in logistics, warehousing, manufacturing, retail, asset management, etc. Compatible with RFID & NFC functionality.

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Industrial Tablets

Chainway Android OS powered rugged tablet are available with abundant functions. With Qualcomm Octa-Core CPU, 8-inch FHD screen, 8000 mAh battery and comprehensive data capture options such as, UHF RFID, barcode scanning, HF RFID/NFC, fingerprint recognition, etc. The rugged tablet can meet requirements in any industrial fulfillments, such as retail, logistics, power, warehousing, transportation and so forth.

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RFID Readers

Chainway Fixed UHF RFID Readers feature high stability and powerful RFID performance to maximize efficiency and Handheld readers delivering flexible UHF Data collection functions, enhancing efficiency and streamlining management. Fixed UHF Readers t supports RS232 and RJ45, and is compatible with various types of antennas. It is resistant to electromagnetic interference and good at heat dispersion. With high integration level and stable capacity, the RFID reader can be deployed in complex environments. Flexible readers built with embedded Impinj R2000 chip, enabling more than 15m outdoor read distance, featuring optional barcode scanning, Octa-Core processor and 8000mAh powerful battery to perfectly meet demands in all intensive applications.

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